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Rammstein (pronounced / 'ʁamʃta͡ɪn /) is a German band formed in 1994 by musicians Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe, Oliver Riedel, Paul Landers, Christian Lorenz and Christoph Schneider. [1] Their music is based on the industrial metal, but also incorporates elements of other styles. They have called on occasion this mixture with the nickname of Tanzmetall ( "metal dance"). [2] [3] They are considered part of a movement emerged in his country in the 1990s called Neue Deutsche Härte, which are its most popular exponent, to which also belong, among others, Oomph! and Die Krupps.

Their songs are written almost exclusively in German and have sold over 12 million copies worldwide. [1] Among other awards, have been nominated in two editions of the Grammy Awards in the category of "best interpretation of metal music "In 1999 with the theme" Du hast "(the album Sehnsucht) and in 2006 with" Mein Teil "(from Reise, Reise). [1] have thrown the market a total of five studio albums and two live, as well as three DVDs; his entire discography is available in the catalog of the multinational record company Universal Music.


* Till Lindemann, built in 1993): Voice
* Richard Z. Kruspe, built in 1993: guitar and vocals
* Oliver Riedel, built in 1993: electric bass
* Christoph Schneider, built in 1993: battery
* Paul Landers, incorporated in 1994: guitar and vocals
* Flake Lorenz, built in 1994: keyboards


The group name is inspired by the German city Ramstein airbase in which an accident happened in 1988 during a show in which three aircraft were involved in the acrobatic squadron Italian Frecce Tricolori. Two of them collided in the air and another fell on the public, causing more than seventy victims. The name is repeated in the "m", so that includes the root of the verb rammen ( 'knock, sink') next to the substantive Stein, ( 'stone'), an approximate translation of "Rammstein" would therefore "stone of charge. " While denying any connection with the incident, just based upon several occasions acted under Rammstein-Flugschau ( 'spectacle of Rammstein Air').



Generally classified as a musical style of Rammstein industrial rock. However, throughout his discography elements appear more proper to the hard rock, electronic music and metal Gothic. Musically, Rammstein is heavily influenced by artists such as the Slovenian industrial band Laibach, DAF (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft), Oomph! and Ministry. In any case, the profound differences between songs like "Bestrafe mich", "Ohne dich" and "I love you bitch!" make it extremely difficult to ascribe Rammstein to a particular movement.

Unlike many groups of reunified Berlin, Rammstein ensures that no groups wanted to imitate Americans and English. Flake Lorenz said in an interview on the matter:
We have found the style because we knew exactly what was not wanted. And what we did not want was to American funk music, or punk, or something that does not serve. We've noticed that the only kind of music that we play is what we play. And it's a simple style, inexpresivo, monotonous.

Indeed, the rhythms of simple battery and repetitive are very typical of Rammstein. So are the guitar riffs and very powerful distortion, often played in unison by the two guitars. The style of Rammstein moves away from the pure heavy metal by the absence of drum breaks, the lack of virtuosity on the guitar solos and the continued inclusion of electronic sound effects. In a 1997 interview, Richard Kruspe of Rammstein claimed uniqueness in the musical:
(The music) is different from other similar bands like Die Krupps or Front 242. There is no sounding exactly like Rammstein.

From the second album (Sehnsucht) collecting a certain sophistication in the way of singing of Till Lindemann, in the words of Christoph Schneider, Lindemann begins "to sing and not just talk" -. From the third (Mutter) , In the view of some critics, the production is cleaner and less heavy guitar sound. In recent discs increases the number of quiet ballads like "Nebel" and "Ohne dich" and are beginning to include new tools such as accordion ( "Reise, Reise"), the pan flute ( "Wo bist du?") or the trumpets of mariachi-style "I love you bitch!".



The letters are an essential element of the musical identity of Rammstein. They usually play taboos and controversial issues such as sadomasoquismo ( "Bestrafe Mich.), incest (" Spiel mit mir "and" Tier "), rape (" Weißes Fleisch "), sexual abuse by clergy (" Halleluja " ), The necrophilia ( "Heirate mich") and religious symbols ( "Asche zu Asche"). The songs of the early albums (Herzel, and Mutter Sehnsucht) focus mainly on sex and violence. In Reise, Reise and Rosenrot are also addressed other issues related to interpersonal relationships. In these two discs, Rammstein sings about friendship, loneliness, obsession, love unrequited and superficiality in relationships.

Many letters are influenced by various literary works, especially Germany. The song "Dalai Lama" is an adaptation of Der Erlkönig of Goethe. "Hilf mir" is inspired by the poem "The sad story of the match," children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann Struwwelpeter ( "Pedro Melenas"). Similarly, the song "Rosenrot" is based on the poem by Goethe Heideröslein; "Du riechst so gut" could be inspired by The book "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind and "Stein um Stein" in the barrel of amontillado The story of Edgar Allan Poe.
Using the language

Almost all his songs are written in German. The exceptions are the English versions of "Engel", "Du hast" and "Amerika", the versions of "Stripped" and "Pet Sematary" and the song "I love you bitch!" Entirely in Spanish. In addition, the "Amerika", "Stirb nicht vor mir / / Do not die before I do" and "Moskau" contain verses in English and in the first two Russian twist. "Ollie" Riedel said:
The German language is well with the heavy metal. The French may be the language of love, but the German is the language of rage.


Rammstein has developed a particular reputation for the use of pyrotechnics in their direct. The vocalist Till Lindemann is a qualified fireworks. The spectacle that unfolds in Rammstein concert includes, among many other things, the use of masks flamethrower (see Lycopodium) and drumsticks, guitars, microphones and boots throwing sparks or burn. Lindemann used to sing the theme "Rammstein" in flames, sheathed in a fireproof suit.

In recent tours of the group, the fireworks has risen to second place, with a particular emphasis on the comic side of the shows. For example, in "Mein Teil" Lindemann "cuisine" to "Flake" Lorenz in a giant pot with a large flamethrower and pursues him across the stage. Another typical gag from the climb concerts Rammstein is a member of the band on an inflatable boat and that it "surf" on the public.


To date, Rammstein has released a total of 7 albums, 2 of them recorded live, as well as more than 20 singles. Rammstein disks are:

* Du riechst so gut, 1995
* Seemann, 1996
* Engel, 1997
* Du hast, 1997
* Das Modell, 1997
* Du riechst so gut'98, 1998
* Stripped, 1998
* Asche zu Asche, 2001
* Sonne, 2001
* Links 2 3 4, 2001
* Ich will, 2001
* Mutter, 2002
* Feuer frei!, 2002
* Mein Teil, 2004
* Amerika, 2004
* Ohne dich, 2004
* Keine Lust, 2005
* Benzin, 2005
* Rosenrot, 2005
* Mann Mann gegen, 2006

Launch Disk Type
Herzel September 24 1995 Study
Sehnsucht August 22 1997 Study
Live aus Berlin on August 31, 1999 Live
Mutter on April 2, 2001 Study
Reise, Reise September 27, 2004 Study
Rosenrot October 28, 2005 Study
Völkerball November 17, 2006 Live